About Us

The idea for TRUi came about as we saw the problem of people being captured on cellphone video. ‘hot mics’ and audio, and that footage being used out of context.

We saw a chance to develop and sell a product that would have a huge positive impact on peoples lives, make them feel safer, and ensure that their truth was available to them when they needed it the most.

From this initial idea we realized that the increasing unrest and political tensions in our country had made people feel much more unsafe and instances of harassment and altercations were rising rapidly.

TRUi is about providing the simplest and easiest way for you to make sure that your side of the story is captured and ready to back you up, so our first priority was that it would look discreet and not arouse suspicion.

Our second criteria was it should be usable in a single click, so whatever the stressful situation you aren’t fumbling for controls.

Our philosophy is basically ‘less is more’, TRUi is designed to do exactly what it says in the best way possible, with the maximum recording time and the maximum battery life we could squeeze in.

Finally we added IP67 waterproofing so you know it will work anywhere.

Oh… as one concession we did throw in MP3 playback so you can also use TRUi for entertainment when your smartphone isn’t practical or you have no signal!

We hope that TRUi helps you and your family to feel safer.

TRUi and mytrui.com are online brands of COGNIZENSE LLP.


101 Rose Street South Lane