TRUi records secretly with invisible activation in any under duress situation. Feel safer.

No need to think, one push captures your truth

Nowadays everybody is at risk of their personal interactions being used against them - TRUi has your back, ensuring your truth is recorded and ready to back you up, anytime, anyplace.

Always ready to capture the truth
Secure Offline Audio files
Secret One Touch Operation
MP3 Player

We Live in Troubled Times

Increase in violent crimes and incidents
Increase in workplace harassment claims
Increase in online doxxing and doctored video/audio

TRUi Captures Your Truth


2020 Got 99 Problems and These Are Some:

TRUi is Your Personal Secret Audio Recorder

8GB Storage with Auto Save

Your safety recordings are stored securely offline, no need for a network or WiFi connection, and zero chance of tampering or hacking.

Adjustable Bracelet

Easy adjustable bracelet fits most wrists, from kids to larger adults.

Voice Activated Recording Mode

Supports voice control recording mode and sensitivity activation setting 0-10 by USB. Set once and forget - it's ready when you need it.

Invisible Recording When You Need It

When TRUi is recording, it only displays the time / clock interface so no one will know or suspect when you are using it. 

Password Protection & File Encryption

For extra security you can configure a one-time password via USB. Even if you lose your TRUi or it's stolen, no one can access your recordings.

Synchronous Time Stamped Audio

You can set your time zone via USB to support auditable time stamping in whatever time-zone you are in.

TRUi is Pefect For:

Public Protests and Demonstration

We all have a right to protest peacefully, but there is a sharp rise in aggressive police/military intervention and other bad actors. Don't risk arrest or being recorded out of context - keep TRUi running and your back is covered.

Festivals and Public Gatherings

Predators abound at public gatherings and it's too easy to get separated from your friends. Take TRUi along and you'll always have a witness if you need it.

Travelling or Working Out Alone

Whether it's a jog in a park or a solo trip, females and other gendered people are at a high risk of unwanted interactions and harassment. Your cellphone isn't always an option - but TRUi is always on guard.

Encounters with Police and Security

We don't need to tell you that police over reach is a huge issue right now. Traffic stop or public harassment, TRUi captures what really happened, with time stamps.

Keeping Your Kids Safe

Children are more at risk than ever from strangers and other bad actors. TRUi can be with them 24/7 and all they need to do is press once, or it can monitor them all day every day with 30 hours recording time.

Tricky Work Situations

#Metoo sparked a movement, and unfortunately there are unavoidable workplace situations where you may be one-on-one with harassers. Let TRUi capture the truth discreetly, no lights, no noises. Better safe than sorry.

Elderly Relatives

In the street or even at their their doorstep, in these turbulent times there's no shortage of people targeting the elderly and vulnerable. Activate TRUi with a single push when there's an unexpected visitor. Peace of mind.

Encounters with Service Staff or Customers

Aggressive people are everywhere, it seems like in 2020 people are losing their minds - make sure your truth is captured when you need it.

360 Degree Recording

Large diameter microphones ensure full range voice recording.

DSP dynamic signal noise reduction isolates voices, and removes background noise, so even in noisy environments your side of the story is crystal clear.

Discreet style looks like an innocent sports band
Silent operation, no lights, no noises
DSP Dynamic noise reduction
Voice activated recording

IP67 Waterproofing

TRUi is IP67 waterproof rated so it's equipped to record in any situation, and it's safe to bathe or shower with.

96 Hours audio storage
30 hours continuous battery life
Time stamped files for legal use
Concealed USB port and headphone adaptor

Foolproof Easy Operation

However stressful the situation you find yourself in is, TRUi will always be ready - just one push starts capturing the situation, no fumbling with your cellphone or trying to locate the recording app.

Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker
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Works really well and the recordings are super clear, I wear it with voice activated record on when I have to go alone into the city. Took about 2 weeks to arrive but that's understandable atm with Covid.
Darren Plumber
Darren Plumber
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I wanted this because I'm active in the (peaceful) protests right now and honestly I have had police stop me for no reason so I just switch this one now and I know if the try and lie I will have them on record!
Cassidy Gomez
Cassidy Gomez
Read More
Arrived in the time they stated and works great. I've only activated it once when a really abusive coffee shop manager got in my face, and I sent the time stamped recording to their HR department. Makes me feel much safer knowing what I say can't be misrepresented.

Full TRUi Specifications

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To reduce the environmental footprint of your order TRUi ships without excess packaging. What does this mean? It’s simple – TRUi comes to you securely shipped and padded but without excess packaging and boxing that causes environmental waste and landfill. We hope you understand.


Answers to Most Common TRUi Questions

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